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Since I was a child, I have always been a huge Michael Jackson fan, not just for his music, dancing etc., but how he always carried himself as a man for the younger generation, his humanitarianism, and kindness towards his fans. Growing up I didn't have very good male role models in my home, therefore I looked up to him as my personal example, I was a big kid as well, so it was refreshing to see such an inspiring entertainer who wasn't afraid to show his big kid ways. It made not so afraid to embrace the same characteristics.

Over the years I watched him grow into a very business minded man, who didn't tolerate the injustices of man kind towards mankind, especially children, love for animals and his belief in the preservation of the planet.

However, over time I watched a very kind man get scrutinized and place on the pulpit of hate and envy; including the many lies told about him. I had to watch my hero lynched for simply being a man who believed God and the gospel.

This and many more reasons is why I created this site. I can't sit idly by and watch attacks on Michael Jackson and not do my part to fight the powers along with other fans, titled the
"MJ Army".

All of us are on a same accord in that we must fight back to those that murdered a completely innocent man. - This is my part.

This site is my views and research of evidence and court files, not to mention using my own common sense in realizing he was truly the victim of hate, racism, and jealousy. If it takes my last breath to show the truth, then so be it. I stand for JUSTICE, for a man ttreated unjustly before the world to watch. This website are my views, but also videos, links, and blogs of other fans. To the powers YOU WILL NOT WIN!i do not profit from this website. I'm paying for this out of my own pocket for Michael, who gave much of himself by giving to others, so this is my corner of the world to do something for him in return, free of charge. I hope you enjoy!"Lies run sprints, the truth runs marathons" - Michael Jackson


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