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Chris "Christmas" Tucker


Chris "Christmas" Tucker, a nickname given to Chris by Michael himself, is among Michael jackson's MJ Family/Fans/Army, is one of our favorite true friends of Michael's most loyal friends who took backlash for defending Michael in court, but Chris knew the truth and he wasn't worrying about the powers destroying his legacy, his only goal was to tell the truth, even knowing his career could have been damaged permanently however, thanks to his loyalty he is now one of the Ambassadors to Prince Jackson's sub foundation to Heal the World, titled "Heal LA".

This is what happens when you stand in TRUTH. You may have to suffer a little bit, but all of your fruits will make you bigger than you've ever been in your career Chris, because you TRULY loved Michael and added humor and love to him, during his worst trials and tribulations.

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Funniest Chris "Chrismas" Tucker Videos

These are among our favorite videos of Chris where he incorporated Michael Jackson into his stand up comedy and movies.

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