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A Stalking Fan

I am warning fans now that ANYONE that claims to be a part of this (my) website, a are lying.

In the past month I have been harassed by a very disturbed obsessed STAN, which I continue to tell this person to NOT contact me anymore but continues to do so, even after I reported her to the US Government authorities.

I don't know what her problem is because I know no fan personally, nor have I ever, so if this person hates my site and what I do so much, then why continue to create these new identities to contact me.

I think this person is also Sven, the person that thought he could punk me by throwing out threats, to end realizing I'm affiliated with a lot of industry people because I use to be in the entertainment business but I still provide services to a lot of people, in which this chick is so pressed she's contacting people I know but they've already been warned by me about this person, claiming to be from Armenia, but this person, every time she contacts me, I send it to my industry affiliates, making her/him continuing to look like a celebrity stalker, so she/he can keep messing with me, they're just digging themselves into a deeper hole, especially spying and viewing my business website and trying to add me as a friend not knowing, none of my family or business affiliates are on my friend list.

Good luck whoever you are. I pray you get some help because you need it. People like you, Michael stayed away from, and so does the rest of his peeps

If you keep this up, I'm blasting you publicly, so remove yourself from the website mailing list, or else.

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