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A few people have asked me who I am. I'm not revealing my identity but I've been affiliated with the entertainment industry, celebrities, musicians and executives for almost 35 years.

I have both an Associates Degree and Bachelors in Interactive Media from the Art Institute, and courses in Music Business and Artist Management from Omega Recordijg Studios in Rockville, MD; Graphic Design and Photography course from the Corcoran College of Art and Design (Washington, DC), and graduated from a very famous school of the arts high school, majoring in Vidual Arts, where many notable celebrities graduated from.

My clients range from notable celebrities, musicians, dancers, actors and small business owners.

Since 2015 I became permanently disabled due to a surgery where a surgeon made a mistake, causing me daily severe pain. However I still have my drive for the arts and still provide services from my home.

My goal for is website is to STERNLY defend Michael, whom I KNOW for fact is innocent.

I never met Michael but talked to him once by telephone in 2001, in which I was asked to work with him, however a sudden illness caused me not to be able to take the position. I remained faithful to this very kind man and determined to clear his name.

Because of the ignorance from people that are on a mission to destroy him, I don't play.

As I said in my motto for this website;

"You may not like me in the end, but you'll love Michael more"

because I'm willing to take jabs for him even from fans that don't like me, because the content I create is not for you to like me, but to love him.

I do not profit from anything that I do, and never will, which is why you'll rarely see me place my identity on my website or graphic designs because I refuse to be one of the many that use his name to make money. Michael gave enough of himself to mankind and this is my way of returning that love to him and his legacy.

Please join the new PRIVATE group on Facebook

Looking forward to chatting with you.

Much love


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