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Common Sense Is Not Common - To The Michael Jackson Haters, You Too Okra

Michael Jackson haters are so ignorant and too lazy to read the FACTS. Did the Michael not say that he DID NOT want to settle in court after the first allegation? It was his attorneys that recommend he just pay him, and told him if he did take it a criminal case, it would have gone on for years. This is where I question his advisors and if they didn’t have something to do with his being set up. To tell an innocent man to settle in CIVIL court, who’s pleading that he didn’t touch anyone’s children inappropriately.

The Jackson family are huggers.

When Marlon visited my high school, that's what he did the most in addition to making us laugh, was hug as many students as he could. So doesn't make him a vulture to kids? No, it makes him sensitive to others and knowing the best things you can give fans, is a hug.

They don’t care what your situation is, they give those big warm hugs and affectionate, because they’re not ignorant, they know everyone needs a hug and Michael loved to give hugs. They all love children, innocently, its just Michael was the easiest target, then they attacked Janet, when they couldn't get to him.

Every bodyguard Michael had with him were either former DEA agents and former cops, including the head of his security since he was 5, Bill Bray. Do you really think, a man that had to put notes on his door during tours asking that people let him rest because he had NO privacy to even think for five minutes!

Stories have not been told yet of the horrors they put Michael through. Maids would plant hidden video cameras in his hotel rooms, and anything brought up to his room. No one could get to him unless he allowed it and a lot of the times, he may have been with these kids hanging out for fun, but they did not stay on the same floor in hotels unless Accompanied by a parent. Michael was known for renting out floors in hotels. When those children were with him, there was always security around him.

Michael and his former manager Frank Dileo

The tabloids would taken the parents out of the photographs on purpose to play their part in setting him up.

Lets put it this way; I've experienced this myself, people trying to pay me to get information on who I know, NOT!

Anyway, Michael paid his staff very well, but if you're an officer & a tabloids offers you $50,000 or more to just give Michael's exact location, who wouldn't have taken that, if Michael was doing something deceptive? If he was doing all this “molesting”, then why hasn’t a guard come forward?

Do you know how much tabloids offered his staff to find dirt on him. Any story sold told tabloids about Michael Jackson made them millions.

Remember Ronnie Newt? He had a group he managed of his kids called the Neutrons. He had a picture of Michael during a visit at the Encino house, while there he took a picture of his son in underwear because the boy was swimming in them, "someone" offered him $100,000 to lie and say he molested his son. He stood firm in that Michael was innocent, then after Michael dies, he's dead?

Not to name which one, but one of his own nephews was molested and the mother was so distraught that Michael had to write her a note about it and the future signs of a pedophile because the industry is full of them, KNOW and not known.

If I told the readers what I saw in that industry, you wouldn't believe me, but I can assure you, that Michael NEVER touched any child in a sexual manner.

He's been the main target since the Jackson's started making socially conscious music;

Show You The Way To Go

Man Of War

Can You Feel It

To name a few, are songs about unification, ending racism, ending wars, being being kind, which are all the tenets of their mother Katherine, raised them to be as a devout Jehovah's Witness.

To be kind and loving towards others because, in Janet's words about her mother, "This is God's doing, and as as much as you've achieved all of this, He can and will take it away". (2008 Tyra Banks Show)

The powers, the ones mentioned in Michael's song "Money" don't like music like that. They make money off of their divide and conquer schemes so they don't want anything or anyone coming in between them and they're money.

Michael was not a stupid man. You can't get as far as he did being stupid. Michael knew he had a purpose and an agenda to help people. He'd said that since he was a kid that the one thing he wanted to do once he became famous was to help PEOPLE. To feed the poor, to house the homeless, and let children be children, because he knew what it was like to have no childhood.

Imagine, not being able to celebrate Christmas, no birthdays, none of that, then your friends are your siblings when you want to make friends with people outside of your family.

Michael was said, he was so lonely, when he got dark at the Havenhurst home, he would walk up the street, hoping to find someone to talk to.

To have done all that he did, the man spent the last two years of his life, hopping from one location to another, He was a homeless father with 3 children. Now it may not be the homeless that the average person knows, but if you're the most popular human being on the planet, you're afraid to move into the US because people threatened to kill him if he did, every place he and his kids stayed was temporary.

I will say this, when he affirmed that he wanted to help others and with daily affirmations he said that spoke everything into existing, Michael knew if he took on the journey of helping people and breaking records that the chance of him being set up was extremely high. That's why he always had his bodyguards with him but also 24 hour video surveillance and his own team of photographers.

For those judging a deceased man on the basis on a one sided lynch piece, I'd like to see the bones in your closet.

People can say what they want about Michael and his family, but you will in no way cause me to go against any of them because at the end of the day, when I had no male roll models, I learned a lot of from The Jackson's.

And excuse my french, but considering how famous they are, I think they've all done a damn good job at keeping themselves clean and humble.

Show me a man/wombman that's perfect and I'll show you a lie.

"Scratch a lie and find a thief" - Movie Ray

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