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Internation Fans Please Read!


I only speak English people and I work online on this site. I DO NOT have a team of people and I'm not getting any money for this, I'm spending my money out of my disability income check. I even purchased Michael's favorite cologne for a fan, who, once she got it, didn't tell me, I had to ask her, and I got a "I got it, thanks", and never heard from her again.

I'm tired of saying this. And I've translated this in multiple languages already! I'm tired of this and I'm not accepting DM's anymore either, because I'm being harassed there.

It is not my responsibility nor do I have the time to translate messages that are SENT TO ME, or to defend the negativity in fans post by spreading rumors, lies, innuendo, nor asking me personal information about myself or who I know.

Since I last posted the picture of Michael with the cigarette in his mouth, that was a PRANK, fans on Facebook are spreading lies because #1 they don't speak English, ignoring me telling them use the translator and they are so obsessed with MJ, they ask me if I'm Michael, over and over again, messaging me. As bad as the tabloids, hurting Michael more than helping. I'm not the only account going through this, I can assure you, those with blogs, vlogs, websites etc, defending MJ, don't need the added stress.

I'm not going to allow anymore stress. I'm here to defend Michael, not people's fantasies of being with Michael, or believing he's still alive, nor here to read fanfic. I realise some love Michael on an entire other level, but sometimes some fans go too far. and its gotta stop, You're hurting Michael's defense, than helping

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