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"Man In The Mirror" - All IN Vain?

I got home and my neighbor was crying, because, he & his 3 children are being evicted because his girlfriend moved out, stole the rent money, got a new job, used the money she stole to move in with her new boyfriend and left them homeless.

And because of this, being that he's an immigrant, he can't get a new job.😢

I just held his hands and prayed with him, then invited him to meet my mother so she could as well. You could see how broken he was before seeing his face because the energy was so dark around him. That's why I say to get off these cell phones and social media at least 5 hours a day to spend it actually talking to people on the phone or better, visiting them.

That's why you have to love people and not shun people away. You never know what someone may be going through. He may have been suicidal and because I prayed with him, it lifted his spirits. Then I knew he had to go find some work, but that's not easy to find people that will pay you under the table, or pay you regardless, just out of the kindness of their hearts, the way Michael did for DeVante, who is a huge Michael and The Jacksons fan. He was hired BY Michael to write for the Invincible album but because of that record label I won't mention they rushed it, and DeVante is a REAL musician therefore does not like to be rushed but for Michael, he wrote some songs that's in his vault, somewhere, and even though it didn't make the album, Michael still paid him.

That's KINDNESS people, because Frank Dileo became Jodeci's manager and Michael was a huge fan of Jodeci. So they learned a lot about Michael from the man himself Mr. Dileo, who stuck by his word and took every word of advice and Michael's private girlfriends to his grave. THAT IS A REAL friend

Getting back to my neighbor, his kids are home alone so I'm watching them & purchased them some McDonald's and Cupcakes, and purchased their father some chamomile tea because he has bad anxiety. He was shaving when I hugged him. I told him, I'm taking him and his kids to church with me.

There are a lot of kind people still left in the world if you pay attention, they're just not celebrities. I learned from him how to be kind, but with a balance. There's a such thing as giving to much, but Michael wasn't attached to worldliness because he was a Christian, not a fake one but a TRUE Christian.

Those that knew him less that use to circulate in the industry, that Michael always kept with him, God, Bible his checkbook and his passport and he followed God, not man's directions, he carried massive cash just to feed people from his car under disguise; his checkbook, passport, water, hydration for himself and his children in preparation for emergencies, if not their own, but others. He gave all that he had, if he could and he did.

Download this into your brain. Imagine being the most popular loneliest homeless person? Not to say he didn't have a home, but he couldn't stay in one place too long because people followed all the time, never giving him an ounce a privacy to even go out on a date, but you'll believe that piece of crap one sided hit piece LN? They're not even worth spelling out.

I remember when Michael was in town for the BAD tour, he paid someone $100 just to go get his orange juice that he left in his room.

Almost 5 years of COVID and man still haven't checked themselves in the mirror. A time wasted. And then to see the people that fought & died for us in hopes we would wake up, its all in vain. Abraham, Moses, Samuel, David, Jesus (Yashuah/Isho/Easho), Paul Robeson, John Lennon, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Elijah Muhammad, The Panther Party, Michael Jackson, Prince, Jimmi Hendrix, Dr. Mattie Moss Clark and so many more, regardless of color, all died in vain? Just trying to UNIFY PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF COLOR, RELIGION, NATIONALITY or CREED.

We're like cats, we only have one more life, we've died 8 times already and whomever you just to call God, whether its Jehovah, Abba, Elohim, Allah, YWHW, Rastafar-I: at the end of the day, we all bleed the same color, all born the same way, and all die the same way, ALONE turning to dust for our final calling card home. Why not use this time wisely to HELP someone.

You're mirrors are distorted because you refuse to wash off the dirt, and the dirt is OURSELVES

This man gave himself as a sacrificial lamb and I'm sure he's in heaven looking down looking at us just like this:

2 Timothy 3

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