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Michael Jackson Amalaman Anoh - King Of Sanwi, Ivory Coast, Africa

When Michael Jackson was crowned King of Sanwi, Ivory Coast, Africa in 1992, he was given the name “Michael Jackson Amalaman Anoh”, and held onto the title of King till he passed in 2009 and gave him a spiritual burial to honor their ancestor King Michael Jackson King of Pop and Sanwi.

Michael Jackson's burial in African Tradition

Cote d'Ivoire to Bury Michael Jackson in African Tradition

July 2009

Krindjabo, a small community in the southeastern Cote d'Ivoire, is preparing a traditional funeral for Michael Jackson.

The people of Krindjabo, who crowned the King of Pop during his visit to Cote d'Ivoire, believe that the late singer belongs to their kinship.According to media reports, in 1994, at his Neverland Ranch, Michael Jackson received Etche Elleingand, mayor of Oboisso, who was a representative of the King of Krindjabo.

The traditional funeral will be held from July 31 until August 2. One million people from Africa, Europe and America are expected to attend, with the first mourners already arriving in Krindjabo.

To this day, on the anniversary of Michael's birthday and his passing, yearly they still come together, to mourn his passing and celebrate his life and his kinship to all the people of not only the Ivory Coast, but all over Africa; the largest continent of the world.

Michael loved his African and Native American roots, and they all love him in return.

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