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Michael Jackson was NOT a Pedophile!

Someone took it liberty to leave an ignorant comment on my Facebook page for this website calling Michael a child molester and I'm pissed.

This is the last time I’m talking about it, because it’s painful. I was a victims of a pedophile, that’s why I’m so eager to clear Michael’s name because I know one when I see them and Michael was not a child molester.

Pedo's don’t put they’re “grooming” tools for everyone to see, as they accused MJ of using those toys and Neverland to lure children. Excuse my language but that’s bullshit. Pedophiles, like rapist or serial killers, are psychotic predators. They blend in with adults, NOT their victims.

They act all adult like until they’re alone with their chosen prey, THEN in secret they start. Mike hung with older women but the majority were child stars as he was so they had a lot in common. This is a man that had no childhood haters

Think back as a child during the Christmas holiday, putting up the tree, packing presents, the pretty lights, then the birthdays and other holidays but imagine you never experienced it. Only school, home, homework, rehearsing and church. No friends outside your siblings, since 5 YEARS OLD!

Then imagine becoming the most successful child star, and being a J5 member, fans reactions were like the Beatles, which for a child I’m sure was scary at first. Then fast forward, you couldn’t play outside as a child, now your an adult with a skin condition where you shouldn’t go outside. Now he was embarrassed. He needed to be around people that didn’t see color, religion, money and social economic status. He just wanted to be lived for who he was; unconditionally loved. That’s why he lived not only kids but animals.

On his Private Home Videos, he revealed footage of his first Christmas with Elizabeth Taylor in 1993. Everything was strange to him; even knowing it was ok for him to open his gift. Later saying that he went into the bathroom and started crying because he thought he had done something wrong because Jehovah's witness' don't celebrate Christmas.

The “powers” knew that to accuse him of violating a child would destroy him, which is exactly why “they” set him up. And I say “they”, because in the recording of Evan Chandler, he stated that his plan wasn’t just his own.

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