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Michael's Letter To His Sister-In-Law Delores "Dee Dee" Jackson

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Many don't realize how much Michael fought against molesters (pedophiles) especially after his nephews came forward that an extended family member was molesting them. He became infuriated about it because he saw how many people are into in the industry! Even his father-in-law married his wife when she was 16! Michael did not associate with pedophiles PERIOD NOR was he a pedophile. You are victims of media manipulation. If you read all the evidence online and see everything starting from Thriller to his death, you'd clearly see this was a setup orchestrated by many people, not to mention the irony of his closest friends died not long before he was murdered and died after he was murdered.

Here’s the letter Michael wrote to Dee Dee;

It reads;

Dee Dee please read this article about molestation, and please read it to Taj, TJ and Tarryl. It brings out how even your own relatives can be molesters of children, or even Uncle’s and Aunts molesting nephew or nieces”

He wrote this because his nephews was molested, NOT by Michael or his siblings but by another relative. This is not the pattern of a molester. Molesters look out for other molesters and will never give their “secret recipe” on the sick things they do to groom and get more victims. And they don’t put their grooming tools displayed to the public i.e. toys and most toys weren’t even for the public, they were for himself and his umpteen nieces and nephews whom he NEVER touched inappropriately. Stop believing h to the lies in LN.

I don't need a college degree in psychology to know Michael was not a pedophile because IM a victim of one, and despite what Oprah said, it does not "feel good", to have a grown persons hands down your pants fondling you! If you, yourself were truly a "victim" yourself, you would know that, and you would know the FACT that, no one that's been molested continues to pursue hanging out with their abuser.

Tarryl, son of Tito Jackson, discussed this topic on the, ironically, the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), show called "Iyanla: Fix My Life"

The interesting thing is, THIS show was years before Leaving Neverland and Tarryl says right on camera that he wasn't molested by his Uncle Michael or his siblings that it was an extended family member, on top of this is the freakin Oprah Winfrey Network, which shows how many times she's thrown the Jackson family under the bus!

To hold their hand during loss/death, trials and tribulations, interviewed Michael's mother Katherine after the loss of her second child (Brandon and Michael) and Michael's children, then go out on a date with her childhood crush Jackie Jackson, then to allow Reed, Wade and Safechuck a platform to lie.

And this is not just with Michael Jackson, look at what her Gayle did to Kobe Bryant! They completely believed the alleged "victim". Kobe was found not guilty but Oprah and Gayle still went, after he, his daughter and two friends died in that horrible helicopter crash, Gayle just had to bring up the rape charge, that Kobe was already found innocent. That should have never been a discussion during a horrible time like that. Then she always throws a pitty campaign with those fake crocodile tears on the news and social media, making herself and Gayle out the be the victim! Then she slickly went after Bill Cosby in the interview below.

She has a thing for bringing black people, especially black men, down. After first she's cool, hanging out with celebrities and doing these wonderful things but she's a snake.

Oprah, how could you do something like this. Do you even realize just how much you've betrayed not only the Jacksons but other people? These are human beings with faults just like everyone else, but for you to give a platform to three liars and allow them to smear Michael Jackson's name, after all the times you PRETENDED to be understanding and their friends.

What is wrong with you?! Do you have a problem with empathy, or are you just narcissistic and have used people to become the billionaire you are. If you really believed in God, you'd know he does NOT tolerate the things you have done and in HIS time, take every dime you have away for every cunning things you've done and said to hurt people.

Somewhere along the line, you've forgotten where you come from.

The real problem is, you were a victim of molestation and rape so now every man that's black, that's accused of you, you believe because you are transferring the real problem onto other people. The person that violated you were black so, what? All black men have to pay to and to your glory by joining in the public lynching by interviewing liars. And then, as usual, drag in other people into YOUR BS, like you did Ava D...., whom, I can't understand, you, Ava, did that wonderful movie "When They See Us" about the CP5, which helped bring light to the injustices we as a people face in terms of the justice system and law enforcement. You did years of research to get the true story told, yet you believe a one sided hit piece like "Leaving Neverland", which to this day, over 25 lies were told in that fake-cumentary.

To all of you, you're not different that a house negro telling massa everything the enslaved people did in preparation to free themselves.

You're a disgrace to the black race.

Let's get back to Michael and the proof how the media (Bashir and others) set him up.

Michael was always surrounded by children - FACT!

Michael was a big kid - FACT!

Michael did not have a childhood - FACT

Michael was a perfectionist - FACT

Michael hated any time of injustice towards people, especially children, the weak and the poor - FACT!

When with children, the media cropped out the parents to make him look like he was alone with the children - FACT

Michael gave a lot of his money to children - FACT

When Michael was on the Dangerous tour, he visited an orphanage and was disgusted at the condition of the place and demanded that they clear the place up, from top to bottom, gave them the money to renovate everything before his show that week, or he would not perform in that country for the dates he had there or any future dates - FACT!

Michael took care of Ryan White during the final stages of having AIDS; a young growing man, who was taunted and mistreated because he had AIDS, so Michael let Ryan and his family stay at his Ranch so he could half peace, then brought Ryan his first car - FACT!

When Ryan died, he was 18 years old - FACT!

MIchael paid for Farkas, a little boy who was dying from liver problems. Michael asked "so if he doesn't get a liver he'll die", and the doctors answered yes, and he and Lisa (Michael's then wife), comforted the little boy. Michael wasn't going to let Farkas die and did a lot of homework and networking, and found him a liver. Farkas today is healthy and married with children - FACT!

Michael was seen buy jewelry with Wade and Safechuck - FACT!

However, that children was a ring for a then female friend. Michael always brought jewelry for women, even if he had to rent it as he did in 2001 for Elizabeth Taylor during the 30th Anniversary special, he was to take back the jewelry but overslept, resulting in him missing a meeting at the world trade center on 9/11/2001

I could go on and on with the facts

  • FALSE things

  • Michael was gay - FALSE

  • Michael was asexual - FALSE

  • Michael was bi-sexual - FALSE

  • Michael was a pedophile - FALSE!

  • Michael hated women - FALSE!

He loved women, especially women with a nice toosh. He always talked about trying to find a "good fish". When it came to women, he was like a kid in a candy store.

More fishing, (looking for a good woman)

Levon was also one of the ones with the video camera (the cutie) on the documentary when he was commemorated in Gary in 2003. The one in the limo, when Mike was looking at “fish” and “the big….” LOL. Y’all know the one. The famous limo footages. He never touched Levan. Wake up!

Michael's cousin Levon, Elijan and Mac when he pushing Michael into the pool

Levon in 2003 - Michael Jackson Commmemorated

Michael comes from a very big family and like my family, they range in several different hues, from passing for white to very dark skinned.

I repeat, he had a huge family as shown SOME in the picture below. Not all of his family are in the picture. Therefore if you have cousins that are children, and a bunch of nieces and nephews, you'd see a lot of toys, not just for the families that visited Neverland but also for all his little family members. If Michael were alive today, he'd be a GREAT uncle, that's how young his family members are still to this day.

  • Michael and Lisa's marriage was a publicity stunt - FALSE!

This is a subject I'm tired of talking about, but their relationship was not a publicity stunt because believe you me, if he really wanted to do so, he had ample chance to do it with other women he was dating that people DON'T know about and never will for their protection and they have too much respect for Michael stoop to the level of these liars. Michael had women throwing themselves at him left and right who came from wealthy families, so he didn't have to prove anything to anyone because he knew he didn't do anything, so why keep rehashing the subject? Once Taj documentary comes out, you'll hear the FULL truth.

Michael and Lisa on their way to get married, as you can see Bill Bray is with him as he always was, even with children.

  • Michael only hung out with little boys, one on one without adults - FALSE

Oh really, well how do you explain this? This is Safechuck, but the media cropped out the others around him as an attempt to leverage their point

Now let's look at the FULL photograph and those around him when this photo was taken

  • Michael told boys to never trust women and to stay away from women - FALSE

This is the problem with time traveling to find something to lie about, you don't keep your facts straight nor take into consideration that there's billions of fans globally of Michael that keep every about him, including all the pictures he took with kids and it is a proven fact that any time the media wanted to place that horrible label on him, they would crop out all adults from the photographs accept Frank Dileo and Bill Bray, and sometimes his siblings. Michael never told them to never trust women, otherwise why would he hook Wade up with his niece Brandy, whom, Wade cheated on with Britney Spears, breaking up the relationship between her and Justin Timerlake.

Plus, why would Wake MARRY a woman, and then go to court to defend Michael? Then Safechuck, is seen during the film of Michael HIStory album teaser holding an umbrella over Michael and Lisa's head

Makes me wonder if these two had a crush on Michael and he turned them down so they turned on him, because why, if you're so traumatized, continue to hang out with someone that violated you so badly, then defend the person in court.

  • Michael never let his victims hanging around with each other when he was around - FALSE

Courtesy of 25 Lies In Leaving Neverland

  • Michael didn't like black women - FALSE!

  • Michael bleached his skin because he was ashamed of his race and wanted to be white - FALSE!

  • Michael was weird - FALSE

  • The only kids that hung out with Michael were from families not related to him - FALSE!

Totally NOT true, in fact when MaCculy was around, so were several of Michael's little cousins and other family members. Remember he's from a big family, so he had tones of nieces and nephews, cousins, some who were famous like Stevie Wonder, and they were all present TOGETHER with all of the accusers kids, TOGETHER, NOT separated

If you want to see the full list of lies in Leaving Neverland, I highly suggest you visit the below website; links below

25 Lies In Leaving Neverland:

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