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Michael (XI) Movie Update!

Great news!

According to a private website for industry affiliates, that I am a member of, the movie Michael (XI) is now in production and the Casting Director and Production Designer have been assigned! As stated on Facebook (which is unpublished until I decide to publish it), I cannot give you too many details, for the sake of privacy and non-disclosure agreements I've signed, I'm only giving tidbits to keep fans aware and exited about this major movie about Michael Jackson and his nephew Jaafar Jackson. I'm so excited because you will be very pleased with the movie; as the Director Antoine Fuqua, who also directed the movie Equalizer and Training Day with Denzel Washington, is an awesome director!

Plot Summary

The story of "King of Pop" Michael Jackson. From his childhood of being the star of the Jackson 5, through times of abuse by his father Joe Jackson. To his hit Thriller, and the purchase of Neverland Valley, into his tragic, and unsuspected death on June 25, 2009.

Written by an anonymous

I will keep you posted. Stay Tuned!

Michael Jacksons' official website:

Antoine Fuqua's official link:

Jaafar Jackson's official website link:

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