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My purpose for this website

I've said that from the start and on my website. That's why MJ always said, again, not to trust people, if its not coming from him. When you make movies, tweets that are public, it becomes public domain, therefore if their family is called to court on false allegations, everything they say and do will be held against them in a court of law, if anything they say is not parallel to what Michael said or didn't say. Do you understand me now? I'm not bashing the Jackson's I'm stating facts to find out who the real killers are.

I know, but put the pieces of the puzzle together. Bill said to me once, my list of rats around Michael, is a lot longer than that. And I'm not saying anything that's not public view, I'm simply saying to connect the dots. If you'll believe his last bodyguards who WERE there more than anyone, during the last almost three years of his life, who saw who he dated (Friend and Flower), who was really around, and that in the movie, Searching For Neverland, Michael did not allow anyone to drop by to see him without an appointment. Its all in the movie, this is not MY point of view, but the collection of names, books I've read, court douments etc.

All you have to do, is look at ALL points of view. Watching Searching for Neverland, and/or read Remember The Time: Protecting Michael Jackson, then you'll see what I'm trying to IMPLY, which are facts based on people who were around him before he died. Not people claiming to dropping by for an "intervention", when in a recent documentary, if you watched it, a person said they had only been to his house once.

People think I'm here to bash or throw shade at the family, but you're completely wrong. I'm warning them, everything they have said, past, present or future, everything they've said publicly is not aligning with what MJ said, his bodyguards said etc. So don't come crying to me in the end, if they do another Leaving Neverland movie and they WIN this time, because too many people are are running their mouths. Therefore until everything is documented for the documentary, don't say anything, especially about Lisa, being that the stories about their "romance" doesn't fit the narrative and in the end, will make Mike look more guilty than innocent. "Time capsule traveling" can be disastrous. Unless you see FULL proof of videos with Michael's voice on VIDEO, NOT JUST audio, and whomever really together, if you feel me, don't believe anything.

Some people are gaslighting fans in my circle, as much as the tabloid junk is gaslighting the fans, Shana and those posting negative stuff or claiming to know Michael on Quora. That site is full of lies, don't believe them either and I have receipts on them too.

I'm tired of people using Mike's name to make money. If he wanted to have money, he would have left it in his will. All we know its is what stated publicly and that he left his children to his Mother and Diana Ross, and that

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