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New Facebook Page 2024

Upon Instruction of the Admin, we have created a NEW facebook page for the new year.

The Rules Still Apply:

In addition, I am not your personal search engine, use Google.

Then to add insult to injury, I found out a few on here have trued to access my personal information’s, my business clients, and insult me in DM.

You’re not just pissing me off, you’re pissing off many others affiliated with Mike. One of which that’s on here every day, and is NOT an admin, frankly he’s disgusted. And Frankly said Mike would not approve of such behavior with his fans.

And don’t try to find information because we strictly talk by phone.

You CANNOT offer me money to get information, no how much you offer

You cannot get “tea” here

I do not make money from what I do, this all comes out of my own I pocket.

You are NOT going to find out ANY of Mike’s business. One person tried me so I called her bluff and gave her half truths and she ran with it, begging me to remove her post.

And sharing my post in order to comment because you don’t have the last word doesn’t work either.

Mike was one of the sweetest people on earth but he was NOT one to cross no matter who you are.

And neither am I See less

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