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MJJ DEFENSE FACEBOOK PAGE IS UNPUBLISHED BECAUSE A FAN LIED ON ME, according to the report, "For pretending to be Michael", and that's a classic coin "Believers" mentality of obsessed fans that ruin everything for other fans that ARE NOT doing anything but trying to show their love of Michael. The page is still viewable to me, so I'm downloading everything and transfer it all to the website, therefore, I can see clearly everyone's IP address.

Fans have insulted me left and right for what? Trying to provide an honest page to defend Michael, but doing it anonymously because I don't have time for foolishness of obsessed fans that have complete disrespected me by doxxing me and Michael by trying to get very private information, including asking me in private message, that I have a screen shot to show proof, as well as screen shots of all the insults thrown at me.

One obsessed fans, asked me who Bigi's mother is, and I told them that I DO NOT discuss Michael's personal information. Then they replied to me, "Michael's fans have a right to know who his mother is!", and I blocked them, since then I don't trust any fan at all. If you're not trying to ask me if he's still alive, you insult me every day and I'm sick of it. The hilarious part is, me pretending to be Michael, seriously? LOL, when I clearly said on the page that it is a FAN page and I said I’m NOT affiliated with the Jackson’s. As usual it’s always fans that mess everything up for those that really honor him and not trying to live out a fantasy or make money off of his name. Most fans are not helpful at all because they're always trying to report civilized honest websites left and right and that's why most of us that have honest websites don't follow fans back.

I've been stalked, lied on, and fans have tried to get information on who I am, and that one fan that I made a moderator of my page, and you know who you are, you took the bait and just as I suspected, your only looking for "tea" on Michael and I'm sorry but if that's anyone's agenda to find out information that's none of your business, I will NOT entertain your obsessions with this HUMAN BEING named Michael.

I will no longer provide any information about Michael the movie, or any other movies about Michael so go to his official website for any updates because you won't get anything from me. You have constantly taken it too far and this is the final straw. All who have insulted me, stalked me, sent me obsessed hateful emails, I'm turning over to a personal friend to give to his family because I don't feel safe dealing with fans anymore.

Good luck!

The Admin

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