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Something's "Fishy" and It's Not Good Looking Women

First, the term "FISH" was often used by him when he saw pretty women

How is that U.ri G.eller (A P.SYCHIC), introduce Michael to Bashir, knowing that Bashir interviewed Michael. Why didn't he have the ability to foresee Michael's set up in 2002-2003 when Bashir interviewed him? Why, because I think he was in on it.

Then notice every time he was around Michael, Michael looked like he was in a daze. My gut is telling me that someone slipped him something during the first half of "Living With Michael Jackson", knowing he had a hard time expressing himself, which lead to his arrest in 2003

Part 1: Living With Michael Jackson Notice his behavior. It's like someone slipped something in his drink. The entire first part made him look horrible; holding his baby on the balcony, I know he had a firm grip its just he just wasn't himself

Side note: To those that use this video as an excuse to accuse of him something he didn't do. Bashir edited this video and left out Michael say he SLEPT ON THE FLOOR. Michael told him beforehand that before he released one ounce of footage, he wanted to view it himself, THEN he would sign it off, but Bashir forged his signature! Wake up and stop letting the mass media manipulate you! This man was and always was innocent. And if you don't believe let's me know your too lazy to read the facts and all the evidence that proved he was innocent.!

Part 2: Living With Michael Jackson

Then notice him here, he's alert, and as of he wanted to knock Bashir out and that he was tired of him being around. and he's not glassy eyed.

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