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To Believers: Please be careful


It's fine to believe he faked his death, but even if so, that means he didn't want to be bothered anymore and if fans go to far and he is alive and fans lead them to his exact location, he will be arrested on site because of Leaving Neverland. You do realize that right? Do you want to contribute to him being in prison for something he didn't do? He wouldn't last an hour in prison because inmates do NOT like pedophiles, whether found guilty or not. He will be tormented, raped, beaten up on a consistent basis and the guards will turn a blind eye and let it happen.

"Leave Him Alone".

Anyone that goes to that extreme means they want to live the rest of their lives free and in peace; something he was never given on earth, not to mention for the safety of himself, his family, children and friends, will all be charged for being an accomplice to a crime. Michael nor his family deserve that, because they KNOW he's innocent and wouldn't NEVER let anyone, family or not violate a child.

Let the man be. He left enough for us on video, audio and more, to remember him by.

Respect his wishes, whatever he chose to do.

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