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Tour of Neverland Ranch and It's Features

Many people, especially since the Fake-u-mentary full of lies about Neverland Ranch has become such a horrible situation that its taken away the beauty of Neverland and Michael's purpose for building. Therefore disabling the public from getting a glimpse into his life, but shutting down the once place people could go to get away from it all; the smog of LA, crime, discrimination, depression as well as ready made mini cabins built for children that were too sick to take a ride all the way back to LAX/LA. It was the only safe haven for Michael, who, even at the ranch was spied on 24 hours a day by helicopters and people parachuting into his property.

Neverland Ranch, once known as the Sycamore Valley Ranch, Jackson purchased for $19 million, It was equipped with this own security staff, plus hundreds of cameras, inside and outside of every part of the land. That's not including the many cameras visitors brought into Neverland.

It gave him joy, helped him with his breathing and other health issues he suffered from due to Lupus.

However, despite the rumors, Michael, being the busy man that he was, when there, mostly it was for the public, family reunions, fundraisers and to bus in sick and inner city youth to have a place of joy, love and happiness. Unless for these reasons, including where he had most of his dates with women, in addition to houses unknown, is one of the reasons it was raided by not only 70+ officers, but also the FBI because Michael had many homes, in the US and abroad, and even in investigating him, they found NOT ONE shred of evidence; no videos, no pictures, no DNA accept his, NOTHING!

But let's remember the positive side that the dirty media won't show you.

The map for guest at Neverland Valley Ranch

Neverland Ranch IS located in the in Los Olivos, California, Santa Barbara, but let's give everyone a glimpse of the features of Neverland Ranch, a place Michael once called home.

Not only did Michael Jackson call this his dream home, and lived there when he had the time. It was also equipped with a:


orangutans, baboons, an elephant, giraffes and Jackson’s pet chimpanzee, and Bubbles, whom he had to give away due to the fact that he had grown too large and could have been dangerous to keep. This upset not only Michael, but his family because Bubbles was a family member to them all

Train Station: Titled Katherine There was a train to get you around the property — it was about a quarter mile from the main house to the 50-seat movie theater — and a station house modeled after the one at Disney World. The topiary Neverland clock in front of it remains. Jackson named the steam locomotive Katherine, after his mother.

Fire Station

The compound also had a staffed fire station, and Jackson installed at least one artificial lake. The building remains, but the station no longer employs firefighters.

  • Disco/Club Lounge

  • Arcade

  • Movie Theater

  • Amphitheater for Meetings and Conferences

  • Dance Studio

  • Recording Studio

  • Basketball Courts

  • Cabins for Guest

  • Therapy Center

  • Charity Booth

  • Beautiful Lakes

  • Beautiful flats with horses

  • Michael Jackson Museum

  • Coat Check

  • Valet'

  • Cook Staff

  • Cleaning Staff

  • Remote Valet and Information Tent(s)

Theme Park Rides

  • Zipper

  • Farris Wheel

  • Swimming Pools

  • Slide

  • Free food

Off limit areas

  • The Main House

  • The Cabin reserved for Elizabeth Taylor and other private guest.

  • And more...

Some of its beautiful features and the many celebrities that visited

Michael and EX-wife Lisa Marie

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston riding one of Michael's horses at Neverland

Other publicly known celebrities that visited Neverland

Macaulay Culkin

Corey Feldman

Rashida Jones

Quincy Jones

Siedah Garrett

DeVante Swing of Jodeci

Chris Tucker

Bill Bellamy

Steve Harvey

Jamie Foxx




Soleil Moon Frye

Brook Shields

Debbie Allen

Jazmine Guy

Aaron Carter

CoCo from SWV (to meet with Michael to get permission to sample Human Nature for their song 'Right Here')

Nicole Richie

Lionel Richie

Diana Ross and family

Oprah (blah)

Cary Grant and his wife, ,

Elizabeth Taylor

The Jackson family (of course)

Michael Burch


Paul McCartney (the music video for Say Say Say was filmed at the Ranch

Marlon Brando and many, many more

Plus the many events that he threw for close friends and the public

In 1991, Elizabeth Taylor, one of Jackson’s closest friends, married her seventh husband, Larry Fortensky, at Neverland. A paparazzo parachuted onto the property to capture pictures of the wedding. He was promptly arrested.

It was a home not just for Jackson, but also Lisa-Marie Presley, who married Jackson in 1994. They divorced two years later. In 1995, they hosted 46 children from 17 countries for three days during a World Children’s Congress at the ranch.

This is Elizabeth Taylor at the Ranch when she celebrated Michael's first Christmas at

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