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Why MJ had so much security; Camera's, Alarms and More at the Neverland Valley Ranch

Despite the lies told in Neverland, Michael did not have an alarm going to his PRIVATE bedroom because he was doing something illicity, but because people were always trying to either parachute onto his property, or jumped the gate, or there were helicopters above his home all the time, plus for the fact that #1 because of who he is, he was able to sleep better knowing there was security that eased his mind #2


When Elizabeth Taylor was going to get married in 1991, Michael planned the entire wedding for her and threw it at the Neverland Valley Ranch.

In this video, you will see someone interrupting the wedding by, as stated, flying onto his property and the helicopters of the mass media and journalist that Michael despised and who gave him NO privacy.

Pain the butt media's nosy behinds.

Beautiful Pictures of Elizabeth Taylor's wedding that Michael threw for her and gave her away

May they both continue to RIP as Heavenly best friends.

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