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Why people want to take Michael Jackson's title "King Of Pop", but always fail?

People always "Wanne Be Startin Something" with Michael Jackson

First and foremost, Michael Jackson was pretty much born in this business and died in this business. He worked from 5-50 years of old, so these artist haven't even worked as long as he had yet.

Many entertainers today say they're the King Of Pop, or brag on how much better they are than Michael Jackson. I won't mention any names because the real MJ fans know of whom amongst them I'm referring to. This itself is one of the reasons they will never be the King of Pop, nor ever take his crown is because they're arrogant and boastful. The lie to the public about how much they love God, but either on social media or in person they look down on their fans and show NO appreciation to the people that put the food on your table. That's marketing failure 101. If you want respect, you have to give it first. If you want to be trusted, you have to be trustworthy.

As Michael said in an interview, when discussion with Geraldo on Eminem's ignorant video making fun of Michael; that real artist don't make fun of other artist.

The nerve of Eminem, that's why Michael purchased his publishing for $350 MILLION dollars LOL. After all, he always said, "When they go low, you go high". Don't stoop to their level in a public media dispute, arguing over "BS". Just "own" them. That one thing he has over others. He had to money and power to not only purchase other artist catalog and owning half of Song Music, so every one of these artist, under the major distributor Sony Music; whether they went on tour, did a commercial, made an album, and then some, Michael was getting a check. Then it doubled when Sony Merged with BMG in 2004. so then he was getting half of BMG artist royalties. And for those that don't know, Sony, like BMG, UNI, Warner Brothers etc. all had to merge, so when Sony merged with BMG, he then owned not only owned 50% of Sony, but also 50% of BMG, so that meant he owned Arista and every major/minor label distributed by these mega distributors.

While this, and I'm going to be nice, Mr. Eminem was throwing "shade" to Michael, everything Eminem did and said; Michael got royalties from him LOL

Here's Eminem's video "Just Lose It"

(See Michael Jackson's full interview with Geraldo below)


What also sets apart Michael from other wanna be's is, he was not only an innovator of dance and song, but he carried himself with respect, especially around the sick and young, he never cursed in public (accept telling a reporter to "ahh tell her to go to hell" and fingering the paparazzi, whom he despised. As he got older, he'd grown tired because his entire life he never truly had any privacy. There wasn't a place on the globe that didn't know Michael. Even when Michael performed his HIStory tour in South Africa, Africans walked hundreds of miles to see him!

He was chivalrous opened doors for women, every woman he took out on a date, he held their hands and treated them like queens. He have from his heart, NOT a for tax write off or PR stunts. He was truly kind, loving and very empathetic MAN, he followed the great's to become great, but never took credit; always honest in where he received his greatest inspiration.

He gave tirelessly with love. Michael, didn't really like for people to know all of the money he donated to charities, but because he was so popular, they'd find him and have him on camera.

When he wanted to go out on a date with a woman, he'd shower her with gifts, jewelry, anything that he knew women liked, he provided. He treated women, the way he viewed his mother, and how his mother Katherine carried herself. Just like Coretta Scott King, she's always look so lady like in public, wearing pearls (which Michael loved women in); He would go above and beyond. That's why I say, you can always tell a man by the way he treats his mother and his sisters.


And it's ramifications

Michael took a lot of pot shots to protect those he really cared about even if it meant further negative publicity and that's why a lot of people that wanted to go to court to defend him in 2005, Michael didn't want them to, because he knew this was about him, and because people publicly lynched him; he was also receiving a lot of death threats from people who were threatening to kill him and his children. And i wouldn't be surprised if they threaten to kill his mother, and family. During the court dates, Michael had to wear bullet proof vest, while his family surrounded him the S.ecret Service.

He TRULY loved his fans, and if he could, he would give each and every one a hug, that real Jackson hug. Lastly, he not only read God's word (his Bible that he always kept around), but he walked the word of God.

I say this to say, you have artist today that have half of the talent or less than MJ, that won't even show true kindness towards his fans. Everyone he treated like royalty that were rich and famous, he treated his fans and guest at the ranch the same way. What artist do you know, on to of their talent that have all the aforementioned characteristics that's NOT a PR stunt!

He loved to hug people. It didn't matter what color you were, your sexual orientation, religion, mental status, language or creed, he always have big warm hugs to EVERYONE, not just for the fans, but he needed so much love in return.


He was down to earth, good hearted man who wanted to immolate Jesus Chris, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, hjs mother Katherine and many other leaders of love and messianic figures and his greatest inspirations. as he was brought up to believe. You don't just say you LOVE God, but show that in public along with your private praise and worship.

He wasn't just a leader, he was also a follower and worked with many songwriters and producers that have said publicly how much Michael showed so much gratitude and respect for the people that were writing songs for him.

For Instance; Marsha Ambrosius who wrote Butterflies for Michael, talks about this very subject.

Take a listen to Marsha's interview with 247HH.COM

Crowned King of Sawi and his love for Africa

Michael, as per instructed by Joseph, (yeah that's right Joseph), who told his kids once they become famous that he wanted to find out the families ancestry and visit Africa. Remember Michael always said his father was a brilliant business man.

He broke everyone's records; The Beatles (and purchased them), The Rollings Stones (he purchased), Elvis, which he had a plan to purchase it. Fast forward to today, its going on 14 years after his death and he's still running the game. The more negative energy people thrown at him, the more powerful he becomes. Every Halloween, Thriller breaks records and have people of all walks of life dancing to the music video choreography by Michael and Michael Peters (RIP)

So tell us now how you, how many of these "wanna be" King of Pops have achieved any of this, including giving large amounts of money to charities, owning an almost 3000 acres of land, which broke the mold for other black people, to see that you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. Plus he believed in the power of the tongue. He believed in affirmations and telling himself, as show in the below video with his brother Jermaine, telling himself that Thriller would be the greatest album of all time and still to this day, no won has broken that record.

Michael's bedroom in Encino

LASTLY: From the one that knew he best. His children

Michael Jackson’s Son Says His Father ‘Will Always Be’ King of Pop

In conclusion, in addiction to your talent, if you have not done any of the aforementioned, nor worked as long as he did, treat your fans with respect, all in 45 years.

A Little Richard (the man Michael purchased the rights to his song but gave it to Little Richard free of charge, then.........

(Full Interview with Geraldo)

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