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Why there should be more organizations world wide like the Heal LA and Dee Dee Foundation(s)

The Dee Dee Foundation & Heal LA

I wish they had more programs like this in the DC area because its almost impossible to get help here unless your on Medicaid and Medicare, at least in Maryland. In DC, they have a lot of more, but the cost of living I cannot afford it

Dave touches on these issues in his interview years ago on the Actors Studio w/ Mr. Lipton. Stuff like labeling people "crazy", the issues of racism and in the DC area, and our high school and other funny stuff, like the entertainment industries BS.

Dave is no joke, and you have to listen to him closely because he's a theatrical comedian. He was a Theater major at Duke Ellington, so his recipe is story telling that can come across as offensive if you don't listen. Like Juicy Smoo'ye.

I remember I went to a very reputable hospital in DC because I wanted to get off of opioids because they, #1 causing me to worsening my kidney disease and caused me to have idiopathic pancreatitis, #2 because Trump was cracking down so hard, patients, including myself, was taken off cold turkey, its foul.

6. This "opioid" label is what they did to Michael and Prince. They weren't addicts. They suffered with Chronic pain, and both had trouble sleep because highly creative people have a hard time turning their brain from their artistry. But they WERE NOT addicts

They both suffered with severe chronic pain. Prince not only fractured his pelvic bone jumping off of the speakers and riseers on stage, but also both ankles. Chaka Khan talks about this. Chronic pain has to be managed by a licensed doctor, not the capitol or the President.

Both were labeled as addicts, just like Bob Marley & Hendrix. Both was murdered, and no one has any real evidence, so they're labeled as addicts or having cancer. But they were really murdered, why because they spoke about unification, racism, equality and were anti-government

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